ABLOY High Security Locks

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ABLOY® High Security locks patented and unique rotating disc cylinder is one of the most secure, reliable and versatile locks available. There are no springs or discs to wear or jam. ABLOY® uses rotating discs to form a combination just like the tumblers in a safe. The UL 437 listed cylinder is virtually pick proof, and has two million different combinations. The complete line of ABLOY® includes maximum security deadbolts, hardened steel mortise and rim cylinder, key-in knob retro-fit cylinders, padlocks, cam locks, cabinet locks, switch locks, rim locks, drop bolts, and key deposit locks. The ABLOY® Protec2 “one key fits all” approach means that one key can open all the above products and they can all be incorporated into one master key system. This allows ABLOY® to create some of the largest and most complex master key systems available.


ABLOY Deadbolts feature case hardened steel cylinder housing with rotating collar, ¼” hardened steel retaining screws, High Security H2X hardened steel bolt, reinforced steel strike box and a protective bolt shield. The full 2” bolt will withstand 2 tons of force. They are available as single cylinder, double cylinder, or single cylinder with lockable thumbturn.


ABLOY Padlocks feature hardened steel housings and hardened boron steel shackles provide maximum resistance against physical attack. The hardened free-spinning protection plate prevents drill bits from penetrating the lock. Further security is provided by hardened stainless ball bearings locking the shackle at both ends. They offer unrivalled corrosion resistance, making them ideally suited for use in the harshest of environmental conditions.