ASSA High Security Locks

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ASSA High Security keys feature a unique side milling on the lower portion of the key blade, this is precut at the factory and represents a factory controlled geographical area providing an unmatched level of key control with the use of coded sidebars. ASSA’s generous key capabilities allow over 160,000 change keys under a single master key. The ASSA cylinders are UL 437 listed and feature drill resistant cylinder housing and plug, as well as case-hardened steel insert and stainless steel pins to ensure security and optimum pick-resistance.


ASSA Deadbolts is designed to withstand any form of physical attack including drilling, prying, driving, or pulling. The free spinning guard collars protects from pipe wrenching while the hardened inserts guard against drilling. They come with the ASSA Hardhat to protect from outside through-the-door attacks.