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An exit device is used to unlock a door during an emergency. It is a spring-loaded metal bar attached horizontally to the inside of an outswinging door. When the bar is depressed it activates the mechanism and unlatches the door, allowing the door to be opened. These doors can also be opened from the outside, if a trim piece or key cylinder is added. They may also be dogged open from the inside to allow access from either side.


The Sargent Grade 1 Rim Exit Device is a multi-function rim exit device for 1¾” thick wood or metal doors. They have a ¾” stainless steel throw latch bolt, and have the allen key dogging feature to allow the door to be “dogged” open if required. Several different types of trim pieces may be used including levers.


The Von Duprin Grade 1 Rim and Vertical Rod Exit Devices can be used for all types of single and double doors with mullions. They will fit 1¾“ thick doors, and have a deadlocking latch bolt with a ¾“ throw. They cover stock doors with standard cut-outs, and have a hex key dogging feature that allows the door to be “dogged“ open if required. Several different trim pieces are available including knobs, levers, and thumb piece trim in different functions.


The Detex Exit Alarm reduces internal and external customer theft. They are attack resistant, and withstand over 2200 lbs. of outside pull force. The have a 1” throw saw resistant dead bolt, and feature a 100 decibel alarm, powered by a 9V battery. The alarm is armed and disarmed by locking and unlocking the dead bolt.