Key Cabinets and Accessories

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A key cabinet secures and stores unused keys in an organized manner. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Key tags, identifiers, key baks, and key boxes are also available for your storage, identification, and organization needs.


HPC Key Cabinets have heavy gauge steel construction with piano hinged doors and key panels which provide a sturdy location to secure keys. Key Cabinets are supplied with white plastic key tags with a nickel plated snap, slotted key racks, “Out Key” control tags, lock location record, and key lock. Replacement tags are available.


Luckyline Key Identifiers and Tags are used to easily identify individual keys or groups of keys.


Luckyline Key Baks are high-quality key reels with retractable pulls that clip on to a belt. They are extremely durable making them ideal for security personnel, custodial staff, and those who use keys frequently.


Portable or Permanent Key Storage Boxes are used as handy secured key storage for homes, outbuildings, sheds, vacation properties, rentals, real estate, and other applications. They attach securely to any wall or flat surface, or hang easily on any doorknob fence, railing or pipe. Combination can be changed as often as needed.