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Knob Locksets are the most common form of lock, and are the most widely used. Knob Locksets operate by physically turning the knob, and retracting the latch, allowing the door to be opened. In some cases it is difficult for some people to turn the knob and a lever lockset is used. They are available in various functions, designs, and finishes. 

Halsco Grade 2 Knob Sets are ideally suited for offices, apartment buildings, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, and have a 3 Hour UL/ULC fire rating.

 Halsco Grade 3 Knob Sets are designed for residential applications. They have a stainless steel latch, and are 1½ hour UL/ULC listed.

 LSDA Grade 2 Knob Sets are designed for medium-duty commercial and heavy-duty residential exterior and interior doors for office, medical, public buildings, retail and government buildings. They are constructed from cold-rolled steel and zinc dichromate finish for rust and corrosion resistance, and are UL/ULC listed for fire rated openings.

 LSDA Grade 3 Knob Sets are designed for standard duty residential exterior and interior doors. They are built on a cylindrical lock chassis using high quality brass and steel, with a ½” projecting deadlatch.