Pushbutton Locks

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Many doors use Pushbutton Combination Locks which require the user to enter a numeric sequence on a keypad to unlock the door. These are available in mechanical gear driven combination locks, as well as electronic combination locks. A mechanical combination can only have one combination at one time. An electronic combination lock can have several different combinations at one time, the number of combinations vary by manufacturer and series. The advantage to a combination lock is the ability to change the user code regularly. Most electronic combination locks rely on batteries or a power supply; however, there are now electronic combination locks available that do not require batteries.

Kaba E-Plex Electronic Pushbutton Locks may require batteries, or be self-powered. The self-powered locks, require just the turn of the lever (to activate), then a valid code can be entered and access is granted. These locks require no wiring to or through the door, and accept 100 multiple user codes. They are easily programmed via keypad without removing the lock from the door, and are available with mechanical key override.

Kaba Wireless E-Plex Locks offer traditional access control without wires. They feature up to 3,000 users per door and maintain a 30,000 event audio trail in each door including emergency mechanical key override usage for tracking purposes. They manage guest/visitor access that is programmable from one day to a year. They also generate reports such as Lock Audits, Operator Activity at PC, Access Groups, Access Schedule, Users by Door, Doors by User, and Users Card IDs. All this in a wireless device, as the lock requires no wiring to or through the door.

Kaba Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Locks are designed for high frequency use, wherever limited access is required, and are gear driven requiring no batteries. They are available in knobs, levers, and levers for exit devices. Additional features available include mechanical key override, and passage feature allowing access without using the entry code. This function is in on the inside of the door, and can be activated by either a thumbturn or a key.

Kaba Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Deadbolts are compact, stylish, secure and convenient auxiliary lock protection for both residential and commercial applications. They have a 1” tubular deadbolt and a saw-resistant hardened steel insert.